Policy Systems


Policy Systems

An extensive library of Policies, Procedures and Forms are available individually or in packages for service delivery, management, HR, and governance. We have standard templates available to purchase which you can apply to your organisation.

Alternatively, for a tailored solution contact us and we can develop your Policy Management Framework.


Standards Wise International has recently added Safe Operating Procedures to its librabry, including specific Covid-19 Pandemic Safety Procedures and PPE Matrices.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Standards Wise International is committed to being inclusive. We highly value and celebrate diversity and believe in equity. We demonstrate this through inclusive employment and through business practices that ensure that people of diverse social groups, such as culturally and linguistically diverse communities, members of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities, people on the autism spectrum and those living with visible and invisible disability are treated with respect and equity.

Diversity Flags