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Standards Wise International has sets of internationally informed standards for senior living and home care, which have been adapted to the specific requirements of countries to provide a culturally sensitive and applicable set of standards.
Standards Wise International is also familiar with the global application of international standards for business, senior living, ageing, health and disability, such as International Organization for Standardization and a wide range of other in-country and industry specific standards in countries such as the UK, Japan, India, Jordan, South Africa, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Standards Wise International creates sets of standards and the associated documentation and accreditation program upon request.


There are ten standards that can be applied in the public, commercial and community living sectors for senior living in a range of service types and organisations, including but not exclusive to:
  • Senior Living Community
  • Independent Living Community (IL)
  • Assisted Living Community (AL)
  • Continuing Care Retirement Community (CC)

Standards Wise International through their subsidiary, Standards Wise International India, rolled out the first ever Standards and Accreditation Matrix for the private sector in the space of Senior Living and Care Communities, for India.

In development of the local version of the Senior Living Standards, Standards Wise International India facilitated consultations with global organisations, assessors and several other Indian stakeholders, including senior members of the Association of Senior Living India (ASLI).

The standards are edited by Mr. Mansoor Dalal, Founder of ASLI.

The accreditation certificate, which will be issued after validation and assessing of various criteria and quality standards, will carry the endorsement of ASLI, Standards Wise International India and CommonAge, the Commonwealth Association for the Ageing.

The Senior Living Standards incorporate:
  • Criteria
  • Indicators
  • Evidence relevant and unique to the Indian Context
  • Introduction of a preliminary code of operations for self-regulation
  • Best practices collected from India and developed markets across the world

The Standards have a four-level hierachy comprising of:
A quality standard and its intent, followed by multiple criteria to achieve the stated intent.
This criterion is then further broken up into smaller indicators or objectives, which are then measured and assessed for evidence, and a rating score issued after final validation and assessment.

These Standards have criteria which are both mandatory and optional, thus allowing Communities and entities across all socio-economic strata to engage, even at the entry and basic levels, while having an aspirational line of sight on how to improve over time, given available resources, which would then reflect in the rating score being upgraded.

There are eight Quality Standards:
  • Governance
  • Management and Personnel
  • Design and Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Home Care and Additional services
  • Resident Engagement and Experience
  • Technology and Information Management
  • Hygiene, Safety, Infection Prevention/Pandemic Control (HSIPC).
The Code applies to Retirement Communities in the UK that are registered with ARCO. Operators who are registered will ensure that prospective residents are given clear and
transparent information about fees and service charges. Approved providers also need to provide a certain level of service and must maintain their relationship with residents.
The ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards defines the principles for a quality management system. It can be used for any organisation and in any industry. The standards are based around a number of criteria and help to ensure that consumers get a consistent service and product from the organisation.
We have provided extensive training and support to organisations across the world to meet the ISO:9001 Quality Management Systems standards. Our training can be customised to any organisation and it's individual requirements.
This standard has been designed for organisations to be assessed as providing quality care and support to LGBT+ consumers over 50 years of age. It follows a step by step process that includes policy reviews, staff surveys and internal training which is supported by a team of specialist LGBT+ quality advisors.
Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the standards and can assist your organisation to meet and prepare for your accreditation process. Our services also include providing training to staff regarding assessment visits and preparation of the information required for your visit.
The Fundamental Standards of Care have been developed by the Care Quality Commission in the United Kingdom. The standards are person-centred and ensure that each consumer receives the care they require.
We help prepare organisations through their accreditation process including on the road to registration.
We help prepare organisations for Rainbow Tick Accreditation, supporting them through the journey this entails. Our Consultants are trusted to undertake accreditation assessments for medium and large sized organisations. Our services include training, mentoring and coaching, gap analysis and support in developing a safe and inclusive service culture for consumers and staff.