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We are delighted to support our partner CommonAge by creating a video showcasing its work and achievements.
CommonAge, the Commonwealth Association for the Ageing, is the commonwealth affiliated charitable organisation advocating to ensure older people are fully recognised in society, and are supported and enabled to live well in an all-age friendly commonwealth.
Like all our partners, CommonAge shares the common interest in the development of positive models for ageing and improving the capacity of human service organisations, government, and other related parties to improve the quality of life of older people.
We were very pleased to have worked in close partnership with CommonAge on the new Standards for Seniors Living and Care Services  in India. This comprehensive model of standards based voluntary accreditation for service providers is making a real difference in the quality of services and the outcomes for older people.
Since its inception seven years ago, CommonAge has lobbied The Commonwealth and governments hard to put older people on the agenda, and has grown its network to now having ambassadors and other representatives in over 20 commonwealth countries. Its first ever study into ageing across the Commonwealth provides a baseline against which future progress and development can be measured and regularly reported at future Commonwealth summits.
In addition, its White Paper Ageism in the Commonwealth, shows how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the urgent need for further recognition and protection of the rights of older people in Commonwealth countries.
As a strong advocate for bringing the generations together its publication, A Commonwealth of Experience, Freedom fighters, child brides and other untold real life stories is a compendium of older people’s life stories, as told by younger people. Run as a competition, young people were encouraged to spend time talking to older people to write the life story, and also describe their personal experience. It is obvious the real-life memories of historical events such as natural disasters and wars, together with other life experiences have made a lasting impression on the young authors.
CommonAge has also hosted two Commonwealth Elders Forums, and through its scholarship programmes has enabled colleagues from developing countries to attend international events.
Find out more about CommonAge and see its new promotional video here.
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