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Introducing the Standards Wise International Company Video!

We are delighted to launch the Standards Wise International Video. This was created by our colleagues at Standards Wise International Australia, and showcases the ethos behind the work we are doing across the World.
As an organisation focused on standards, we thought we would share with you why making a corporate video helps meet the diverse needs of our customers and how it could do the same for yours too.

Everyone consumes information differently
Everyone is an individual, and so the way we like to access, consume and share information will be different too. Standards Wise International has different websites for the various countries in which we operate, allowing people to read about us and our services online – but for people who prefer to get their information by listening or watching, a video is essential.
In this way, we’re making our organisation and its services inclusive – one of the 5 ‘Is’ which are central to everything we do.

Videos are easy to share
Because many corporate videos are hosted on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, they are easily accessible. There is no need to email a large file to someone in order for them to see it, instead you can just send a link. This is particularly useful in countries and regions with low bandwidth, some of which Standards Wise International is beginning to work in. This ensures that our organisation is not only inclusive but also International – another of our 5 ‘Is’.

Videos can be viewed on a variety of devices
People use a variety of devices to consume media. A video can easily be viewed on a laptop, tablet, or phone, making it an innovative way to communicate (another of the 5 ‘I’s!).     

Videos are (usually) shorter
In a busy world, the people you want to communicate with may not have the time to read a large brochure, or look through all the content on a website. A video allows viewers to learn about your business and its core values and services quickly.

If you would like to view the Standards Wise International video, it is available on our Homepage.

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