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Supporting research into COVID-19 vaccine distribution for elder care

As part of our commitment to improving the lives of older people, their families and communities, we are proud to have supported the Global Ageing Network’s (GAN) research into COVID-19 vaccine distribution for elder care.
Launched on Wednesday 15 December, the study, Cross Cultural Snapshot of the Vaccine Distribution: A Provider Perspective, explores the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine acquisition and distribution to ageing service providers in 12 countries.
It examines how elder care providers in these countries managed the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for older adults and staff in residential settings such as nursing homes, group homes, and assisted living. Information was also gathered on older adults living in the community who receive home and community-based services.
Katie Smith Sloan, Executive Director of GAN points out COVID-19-related illnesses and deaths have declined, often exponentially, since the vaccines became available. Yet these changes have not been universal.
“As this important study makes abundantly clear, we have much to learn—and even more to improve—as we work toward creating a world in which no older adult is left behind,” she said.
Our Managing Director, David Stevens, said: “We share a passion for promoting learning and collaboration to ensure the safety and quality of life for those with fewer resources who are vulnerable and marginalised. In doing this, we create standards that promote higher levels of achievement and excellence in pandemic management, senior living, home care, human rights, healthy ageing, and well-being for Indigenous communities.”
Report details
The data used in Cross Cultural Snapshot of the Vaccine Distribution: A Provider Perspective, comes from virtual interviews and emails with academics, policymakers, executive directors, chief executive officers and directors of elder care organisations in 12 countries, as well as research from published articles, reports, and public data available through reputable websites, including governments, think tanks, and academic and research institutions.
It focuses on five objectives:
1. Understanding whether existing vaccine rollout plans were effective
2. Learning how elder care providers acquired and administered COVID-19 vaccines
3. Learning how they perceive the effectiveness of policies developed and communication
strategies implemented in their countries
4. Identifying key issues related to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout
5. Exploring effective solutions and strategies for providing COVID-19 vaccines to elders
and staff members.
Based on these five objectives, the nine key findings are:
1. Vaccine supplies and vaccination schedules were unreliable.
2. Strong leadership was critical.
3. Community-dwelling elders faced greater challenges.
4. Rationales behind vaccination priority categories were often unclear and inconsistent.
5. Preparing residents for vaccination was challenging.
6. Staff vaccinations caused care-related challenges.
7. Staff members were receptive to misinformation.
8. National healthcare system influenced vaccination success.
9. Inequities were real.
Click here to download the report.
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